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Oh my gosh!! What isn’t awesome about Blackburn Biewers?! When we decided to get our puppy, we felt like we became part of the family. Mallory kept us up-to-date on our boy and sent videos and pictures frequently until he was old enough to leave. Since we live in the US, we had questions about border crossing and customs. Mallory was so helpful and the trip was uneventful. She’s just delightful! She is a responsible, ethical and completely honest breeder. I’m saving the best recommendation for last. Blackburn Biewers has spectacular, healthy, well-socialized, and happy puppies. Our little Amos, who is now 7 1/2 months old, is in our humble opinion PERFECT! Mallory, to this day, is happy to answer questions and has assured us that her willingness and desire to remain available and involved will go on as long as we want. She is genuinely happy to get updates, pictures and videos of Amos, so of course we send a lot! Thank you Mallory and family for Amos. He is such a joy and we love him so much!
Maggie Quenneville

Oh how we love our Biewer pup, Teddy! He has brought so much joy to our lives since arriving in December. I was very happy with the service and support provided by Blackburn Biewers. It was obvious to me that Teddy was born in a loving home and received excellent care. He is very well-socialized and is great with my children. Teddy has a wonderful personality and has been easy to train. He is also the cutest dog in the world. People stop us all the time (the "puparazzi" as my son calls them) to ask us about him and I tell them my story of searching for a year for a dog for my son, who is highly allergic. He is absolutely fine to snuggle with and sleep with Teddy: no allergies at all. I wholeheartedly recommend this breed and Blackburn Biewers for anyone looking for a great family pet.
Madeline Lunney

Doc (from the Snow White litter, now also known as Doctor Oreo) joined our family during the holiday season and has since brought us so much laughter & joy. Mallory & her family did such an incredible job socializing and caring for Doc - he is such a pleasant and easy going little boy. We have 2 young daughters and Doc easily acclimated to our busy household and loves playing w his human sisters. I’ve had a few questions since bringing him home and Mallory is always very helpful. I highly recommend Blackburn Biewers (and Mallory!)
Gloria Lo

"We've recently adopted one of their gorgeous puppies and couldn't be happier! Their Biewers are well socialized, making the transition to our home easy!! Mallory is not only knowledgeable, she is always available to answer any and all questions."
Julie Lalonde, Mia's mom

"There were many opportunities for me to write a favorable review for Blackburn Biewers along our journey, but I chose to wait and experience the entire process. 
I reached out to Mallory after seeing photos of Jenny come across my feed. There was something special about Jenny, but I also saw something quite unique about this breeder. We weren’t in a position to bring a new puppy into our home, while living with 2 senior dogs, but I knew that if/when our situation changed this was the breeder we wanted.

Unfortunately, we had no idea how quickly our situation would change and we found ourselves having to say goodbye to our amazing 12 year old, Yorkie mix Milo, in February 2019. This came as a complete shock, as he was in amazing health, as far as we knew and had been often mistaken for a young pup. 

Our female Nia, who turns 15 in August 2019, had never lived the life of a solo pup and took time to adjust. After the heartbreak of losing Milo, I contemplated the idea of becoming a dog free home, once Nia crossed that rainbow bridge...but then Blackburn Biewers came across my feed...again.

I reached out to Mallory, in what was likely not in my best emotional state, to enquire about future litters. Expected but not surprisingly, she indicated that there was a waiting list and she would inform me when she was expecting another litter. I wanted to fill that void quickly, which is not the best way to deal with the grief associated to losing a companion for over 12 years. You can’t replace a dog. 

Not thinking I could wait, remember I was an emotional wreck, we took a Sunday drive to visit another biewer breeder. We met nice people, with a number of growing litters. We had the pick of no less than, 3 litters. Each were brought up individually from an off sight basement “nursery”. The puppies were adorable. After all puppies do the adorable thing quite well. However, I left unable to commit, which took my husband by surprise. How difficult is it to walk away from available puppies without “pulling the trigger”? 

On our drive back into the city, I told my husband I wouldn’t be purchasing any of the puppies we just saw. Something(s) just didn’t feel right. The entire experience just didn’t sit well with me. Adult dogs that had been de-barked, an unavailable nursery, soiled adult dogs etc. The breeders were very hospitable and their dogs certainly adored them, but things just didn’t seem right. I’ve learned to never question your gut.

When we stopped for a quick bite, on our way back home I told my husband I’d be contacting “The breeder in Blackburn” and ask to have our name added to the list. I’d wait for one of her puppies because “all puppies are cute” but she has a different likable approach in her breeding practices

I contacted Mallory again and the rest, at this point is an amazing historical journey. Countless messages, welcomed visits, fun family dynamics, humor, informative, available, support are just a few benefits of this breeder. The amount of socializing her puppies acquire is phenomenal. They come already adjusted to living with dogs of different sizes, children, a busy household, cottage life, backyards, grooming, pee pad training, crate comfort and plenty of loving. 

We brought home our little bundles in July 2019. Yes, we purchased 2 which made logical sense that an active puppy, have a more active playmate than our senior Nia. Nia seems to have approved this decision too.

We highly recommend Blackburn Biewers to anyone who is considering a puppy to join their family. In reality the puppy stage is short, but acquiring a puppy who has received the best possible start in life, will certainly foster the development of a wonderful well adjusted family pet for years to come. 

Looking forward to our future and looking forward to seeing future Blackburn litters.

Thank you Mallory for our gorgeous Delia and handsome Reese. 

PS We reserve the right to visit future litters 🤗 "

Tania & Chris, Delia and Reese's mom and dad

"Thank you Mallory and family for loving and taking such good care of Jenny! She is so social - and how could she not be in your household? We promise to love and take great care of this precious little girl. I'm happy to have another female in the family! We are grateful for all the tips and tricks! I'm sure we will be in touch.
Hope to reconnect with you guys on the lake this summer.
Here's to Blackburn Biewers💖"

Sandra Peters, Jenny and Sully's mom


"We haven’t gotten our puppy yet but I am really happy with the constant communication with Mallory. She sends me pictures or videos every few days of my boy until we welcome him with us at home.

She is knowledgeable, caring and raises her dogs with her children so they are used to a busy household. 

I also appreciate that she limits dogs in her house not like other places I visited. Responsible and humane breeding was important for us and Mallory does all that."

Bettina Kraus, Chewie's mom

Sharon McDonald, Mater's mom

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