The Biewer is a very dedicated, loyal family member.  They are happy go lucky and in spite of their size they are hearty and athletic dogs.  Quick to alert you of company, not however a constant barker.  Biewers are the perfect companion dogs for all families, boasting a wonderful temperament and a non-shedding coat.

The name Biewer is the surname of the German couple that worked so hard to develop the Biewer breed in the 1980’s and to bring them to full recognition in Europe.  The chance breeding of two champion Yorkies that carried a recessive gene which allowed for the rare tri-color. Mr. Werner Biewer saw the potential to take that recessive trait and work with it to perfect the Biewer that we know today with specific color/pattern placement.


- A Biewer has a long silky coat of black, white & gold. 

- Erect V shaped ears.

- Absolutely must have a black nose.

- Scissor Bite or level bite is acceptable.  Premolar faults are tolerated.

- The head must have all three colors.

- The belly, chest, legs and tip of the tail are all white.

- Straight back that is black with white.

- Biewers do not have docked tails.

- Average weight 4-8lbs


Boston Magical Prince Lavista

UKU, AKC and BBI Registered

Our adoring Biewer stud, Boston Magical Prince Lavista, weighing in at 4.12lbs, is a loving, small guy who loves to curl himself up on your shoulder. Born May 10th, 2018 from Ukraine with our Tasha (no relation), our Boston is a fairly new father but is getting the job done beautifully.

Zhadora-Lanset Lova Karina

RKF, AKC and BBI Registered

Our Sushi, Born November 8, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. Weighing in at 5.1lbs, is an easy going, athletic and all around lovable dog.  She also has a special talent of climbing trees, she has gone as high as eight feet!  

On Top Perfection


RKF, AKC and BBI Registered

Bella, weighing in at 7.6lbs, is timid, gentle and is always willing to try something new. Born September 20th 2018 in Moscow, Russia, our beautiful girl has stolen the hearts of all of our boys, two legged and four legged.

new boy joining our blackburn          biewers family soon!

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