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The first Biros were born December 1st, 2004 in Germany at "Art of Highclass" owned by Roberto Krah, champion Biewers parents.  just six weeks later at "From the Lightning Showboy" owned by Birgit Rosner.  These breeders took interest in the new color and started breeding to strengthen this new gene.  When they registered the new color it was decided they would unite the first part of each of their names, Birgit & Roberto.

A Biros personality and temperament are the same as a Biewer.  Biros are not recognized by North American Kennel Club yet, we at Blackburn Biewers register all our Biros in Germany with IBC.

A Biro is White, Chocolate & Gold.

Orpheus bieber paradise

IBC and BBI Registered 

Our newest biro stud, Mocha, is a sweet little ball of joy. All the way from Greece, our handsome boy weighs 7lbs and is excelling at his new fatherly role with gorgeous puppies. Born April 22nd, 2021, Mocha is the perfect contribution to the Blackburn Brewers Biros. 

Benjamin Perfection

de la grace

Our stunning Biro stud, Benjamin Perfection de la Grace, is a chatty, athletic, lovable dog who has been continuously producing beautiful pups. Benjamin comes from Latvia, born February 14th 2017.  Did I forget to mention we think he may be part kangaroo?  This boy has springs for legs!

BLACKBURN BIEWERS Benjamin Perfection de

IBC and BBI Registered 

BLACKBURN BIEWERS Benjamin Perfection de
BLACKBURN BIEWERS Benjamin Perfection de

Danielle Konti Alluring Eevee

UCI Registered

Our Danielle Konti Alluring Eevee, weighing in at 5lbs, is a gentle but tough and will steal your heart. She was named by one of the children after the lovable Pokemon Eevee.  Born September 10th 2019 in Moscow, Russia, we are excited to see what sort of mother she will be.

BLACKBURN BIEWERS Danielle Konti Allurin

Tasha Dark Rose Lavista

IBC and BBI Registered 

Our Tasha Dark Rose Lavista, weighing in at 6.10 lbs, is the alpha of the Biewers. She is a lovable dog with perfect maternal instincts. Born May 10th, 2018 from Ukraine with our Boston (no relation), she delivers beautiful, healthy pups.



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