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Ear Care

Biewers naturally have cute little erect ears.  When they are young breeders will often use tape to help strengthen the ear.  Shaving from the tip of the ear to about a quarter of an inch down the ear is important, this helps take the weight of the hair off the ear and lets it stand more naturally.

It is perfectly natural that you bring home a pup with beautiful erect ears and within a week their ears start to droop down.  When some puppies are teething their ears can fall, make sure you keep their ears shaved and they should go back up by themself.  If you are really worried, contact your breeder to learn how to tape them properly. 


I tell all my new puppy parents to get in the routine of grooming daily, such as the evenings while watching a show.  This will help them get used to grooming and from there depending on how you want to keep the coat length that will determine how much time is needed for grooming.

These are the tools I recommend. 


A Pin Brush is great for grooming the entire body.


I always recommend a mini shaver for the ears, privates and feet.  Having one of these will ensure you do not nick anything while shaving with a larger sized razor.


This comb is a great tool for parting hair and shaping the top knot.


These combs are lifesavers. The curved comb is a wonder on the face and the regular metal comb is perfect to detangle and style the entire body.


Believe it or not, a Lice Comb* is the perfect tool or their eyes. It thoroughly removes all the wet and crusted discharge making for a happy and healthy pup!

*Must be metal

I use a Slicker to get out bad matts.  Be careful though, it will easily hurt your dog if you're really close to the skin.. 

Grooming at Blackburn Biewers

Here at Blackburn Biewers, we also offer grooming services for our pups, young or old. If you're looking for a grooming appointment, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our doors are always open to Blackburn Biewers-born dogs.


Puppy Teeth

It is common in small breeds that an adult tooth comes in and a milk tooth is still retained.  This normally occurs in ages three to seven months. The milk tooth and adult tooth are sharing a canal and will build up bacteria, If not caught and removed soon enough the puppies bite could change.

*If the milk tooth does not fall out naturally, you should contact your vet.


Milk Teeth


retained Tooth           Dropped Tooth

Dropped Tooth             Retained Tooth

Teeth Care

We recommend brushing your Biewers teeth daily.  If that's no possible perhaps every second day.  Biewers are Terriers and all Terriers are known for their teeth to easily become troublesome faster then any other breed. You could also put an additive in their water dish to help with this issue.

To begin

When first introducing the practice of dental hygiene, first get the pup used to having something in their mouth by using your finger to 'brush' their teeth.



When you think they're ready, introduce a puppy toothbrush. It's smaller and gentler than most brushes. I love this puppy toothbrush from Amazon in a pack of 4. 


When it comes to adult teeth, I like to use child toothbrushes. The bristles are tougher, but the head is still small enough to get everywhere I need to ensure the best hygiene possible. 

Looking to book a grooming appointment or for answers to your burning biewer/ biro questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. 

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