Welcome to our  happy place where little miracles squirm and squeak! Then, all of the sudden, their eyes open and there's no stopping them from there.

For 12 weeks, they are a part of our family; I have sleepless nights and days waiting for their arrival. I weigh them everyday and keep their nest and mama clean. As they grow, I lie on the floor with them and encourage them to walk and play. I bring out new things every couple days in different shapes, sized and textures. As they age, the kids, our standard poodle and the rest of our Blackburn Biewer pack play with the pups and help socialize them so that they will be ready for any home.

If you are lucky enough to take one of our lovely puppies home, please cherish and love them as much as we do!


Born June 23th, 2021

Boston Magical Prince Lavista & On Top Perfection Blanche

blackburn Biewers Cars Litter

Next Planned Biro Litter, September 28th 2021

Benjamin Perfection de la Grace &Tasha Dark Rose Lavista

Born March 6th, 2020!

benjamin perfection de la grace & tasha dark rose lavista

blackburn Biewers Frozen Litter

Born February 29th, 2020 

Boston Magical prince lavista & zhadora-lanset lova karina

Blackburn Biewers Bolt Litter 

Next Biewer litter, September 15th, 2021

Boston Magical Prince Lavista & Zahdora-Lanset Korina Lova 

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