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Located in Perth, Ontario Canada. Blackburn Biewers is run by Mallory Linton; a stay-at-home mother of three young children.  Her passion for animals is shared with her husband and children, this is instantly obvious the minute you walk into their home.  You'll meet our Standard Poodle Fender, Tank the Tortoise, Darcy the bearded dragon and our two Crested Geckos Whisper & Oreo.  

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At Blackburn Biewers our goal is to breed happy healthy puppies.  We operate from the comfort of our home to ensure proper socialization.   All of our puppies are raised underfoot, running around the house and exploring the world with their pack.  This means when pups go to their forever homes they are familiar with the activities of a home, including family life and the many sounds.  They are our pets for 12 weeks, so we want to ensure that everything will go smoothly for the new family they will be a part of.


Even though raising a well balanced pup is our main focus at Blackburn Biewers, we have carefully acquired the best Biewers and Biros with Champion lines to produce our gorgeous puppies and help this marvelous breed be recognized by the CKC.

Blackburn Biewers Elsa

Princess & the frog, Emperors New Groove, & The Incredibles litters


Blackburn Biewers Lightning McQueen

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